About Bandit

award-25years-largeThe Bandit A&R newsletter has been published continuously, every month, for over 25 years, starting out as a purely paper based publication delivered by post and then adding an email delivered option in 1997. The newsletter is now exclusively distributed as a PDF document delivered direct to your email box on the first working day of each month.

Bandit’s mission is simple, which is to provide you with a continuous, reliable and accurate stream of information about all kinds of people and companies, in the music business world-wide, that are ready to consider investing in new projects, artists and material, across all commercial genres. The important thing to understand is that the content of each issue is generated during the previous month by talking directly with the people named and getting their agreement for their needs to be published.

Over the last 25 years Bandit has developed relationships with thousands of companies, many of which regularly communicate their opportunities through Bandit A&R Newsletter. In addition to this Bandit is always discovering brand new companies and people springing up and needing great talent to make an impression.

Bandit is not for the wannabe who expects a lucky break to make it all happen for them! Bandit is only of use to people who realise that the music business IS a business, which requires effort, persistence, investment and knowledge, as well as innate talent, to find a market for their “product”.

You only have a short window of opportunity to become successful, you will soon be too old to be of any interest to music business investors. So you need to get things moving, grasp all opportunities and make things happen, before its too late!

Try Bandit’s service today and you will start off with 2x issues for JUST £1 ($1.60). Your payment today will bring you the CURRENT issue by return, as soon as your order has been personally processed, and also NEXT MONTH’s issue at the beginning of next month! The normal monthly subscription is just £9 ($14). There is no obligation to subscribe for any minimum period. You can cancel future payments easily anytime with just an email or do it yourself at our payment sites.