Success Stories

It worked for them – it could work for you! Here’s a small selection of Subscriber Success Stories – we’ve received hundreds over the years, even subscribers who have not yet found a deal love Bandit! Just try a subscription yourself for a few months!

testi-rozliJust wanted to say thanks for Bandit. Answering an advert in the March issue I was able to contact Mike Puskas now of Ikonic artists. After meeting and spending time recording I have now formally signed with him. All thanks to Bandit. All the Bandit contacts that replied to me gave advice good and bad which helped a lot. Compared to the 1000`s of blind demos that were not even acknowledged this was refreshing. I am certainly recommending you to my friends.”
– Rozii, Southampton UK,
testi-bob-deeI just wanted to tell you how great your service is. I started sending out my CD/Presspack to your newsletter contacts well, I have made so many new friends and the response has been overwhelming! Great Job! I think the January issue I sent out 8 and received positive from 6. I did a radio interview and received contracts from a publishing company and two PR companies in Europe want to work with me. Thank you for a great service.” – Bob Dee, New York, USA
testi-stretchBIG thank you to everyone at Bandit. After receiving Bandit newsletter I was offered a few deals and have now just signed a recording and management contract working with some industry big fish! Recording is already underway and Im looking forward to, what is already looking like a good year. The service is great and I would definitely recommend this to any aspiring artist out there. Thanks again.” – Stretch, Cardiff, Wales, UK
testi-chris-wilkinsThought I’d drop you a line to let you know that in the few months I’ve had a couple of offers including a funded production deal also World Domination Records has also been in touch about possibly publishing my material, so I think it’s only a matter of patience and tenacity before things start to happen. Wish I’d subscribed years ago – look forward to next issue! Cheers!” – Kris Wilkins, UK
testi-pete-fegredoI have signed a single song assignment to Yellow Rose of Texas Music Publishers from the June issue. I had a Music Lawyer in Camden Town check out the contract. All changes and recommendations he asked for were met by Yellow Rose and a new contract was then put to me to sign.We’re hoping for a big name artiste to cut it. Thanks for all the good work you do at Bandit for all us songwriters and making success possible.” – Pete Fegredo, UK
Paul CallahaneYour organisation assisted me in getting a deal with SMI and Gareth Young co-writer with Treana and now producer for the likes of Sugababes and Danni Minogue. To cut a long story short, I have done really well since then and now work with Bruce Ruffin of BRM Music and about to launch a new label.” – Paul Cahalane, UK
testi-blue-soupAs a result of your newsletter we have secured a record / production / publishing deal with Paul Milner at ‘A Major Sound’ in Nova Scotia, Canada. We recorded our album at the beginning of August and are going to release it around mid October.” – Graham, Blue Soup, London, UK
testi-rhydianI’ve been a Bandit subscriber for about a year now – Just thought you might like to know, I’ve secured a publishing deal with Van Steene Music following an ad placed by the publisher in a recent Bandit newsletter. Thanks for all Bandit’s help!” – Rhydian Owen, Wales
testi-farrah-westThanks for a great year of leads from Bandit. We’re pleased to let you know that, through Bandit, Farrah West now has a track on a compilation album in the USA called “Who’s better than you”, from which proceeds will benefit the National Hopeline Network.” – Farrah West
test-sally-garozzoBandit Publications has served me very well as my outfit Dirty Punkz are now signed to Blue Dove Records after answering one of their listings. We hope for a very successful future as a result.” – Sally Garozzo, Cheshire, UK
testi-jennyThanks to Bandit for the contacts. We got a lot of people who got back from all over the world who wanted to work with us. We got an offer from Northstar Publishing. and Hook Line and Sync. Thanks again and keep up the great work!” – Jenny, Eire
testi-liam-golderThe Bandit Newsletter has been really helpful in finding new contacts. So far in matter of a week I’ve had 3 replies and now been taken on by an Australian TV and film company with my single Airtight.” – Liam Golder, Essex
testimonial-pic-girlI just wanted to let you know that as a result of your newsletter we placed a song in the US movie Happy Holidays, so a success story for your records. Thanks.” – Suzi Ballingall, UK
testi-chris-stevensThanks to Bandit we’ve found management! Things are moving along really well for us now with a bright year to look forward to!” – Chris Stevens. Swindon UK
testi-winterkicksI just wanted you to know that the Winter Kicks have signed a 360 deal with Discovering Arts Music Group UK via the Bandit Newsletter contact. Many thanks!” – The Winter Kicks